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OTO1 = 0 to 1. 

We help make your idea into reality. We may be obscure, but not our long list of 200+ successful worldwide crowdfunding campaigns.


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    Crowdfunding Service

    We provide one-stop crowdfunding services on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Makuake (Japan), ZecZec, flyingV (Taiwan), etc.

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    We add international perspectives to your video and photo, ensuring that they resonate with a global audience.

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    Our Community

    We boast two tech communities of 220,000+ active users who backed at least three campaigns on average. 

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    Brand Incubator

    Our experienced international marketers can help you build a brand out of your products which keeps you ahead of the game.

A Promise of Success

We have the industry's highest ROI because of our advanced marketing strategies and analytics. Your marketing investment is completely trackable, and every dime of it pays off.

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    Minimal Risk  

    We cover the marketing expenditures for you in advance. All that is required from you is the video production fee.
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    Data Mining

    We are specialists in analyzing data from Facebook, Google and Kickstarter to define a clear target audience.
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    Maximized ROI

    Your ROI is enhanced to the greatest extent by well-produced funding video and page, and our pre-existing backer pool and user data from previous campaigns.

Our Cases 

Crowdfunding with the pros

  • Card20 TWS earbuds

    Global crowdfunding

  • 13,933


  • $1,296,824 

    Crowdfunded on Kickstarter
    & flyingV(Taiwan) & Makuake(Japan)

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    5,277 backers pledged $447,690

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    4,784 backers pledged $449,059

  • 图文组件


    3,872 backers pledged $400,075

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Trusted by Our Clients

What distinguishes OTO1 from other agencies is our risk-sharing business model that reduces our clients' investments to the minimum. Our unique method has helped more than 200 campaigns reach their goals, with 30% of them being recommended by our former clients.


Our Risk-Free Crowdfunding Program was officially unveiled in May, 2020, which aims to share our recent accumulated resources with small and medium-sized enterprises to expedite their first step in going abroad and establishing a globally recognized brand.



  • $27M+

    Crowdfunded on Kickstarter
    & Indiegogo & flyingV & Makuake

  • $280K 

    Average Campaign Funding Amount in the Last Year

  • 220K


  • 30%

    Customer recommendation rate

  • 21+

    International Advertising Awards Received

  • 2015

    Launched the 1st Crowdfunding Campaign